Special Employment Credit (SEC) Calculator

*SEC Criteria

Your employee must meet the following criteria to qualify for the SEC:

-Be a Singapore Citizen

-For 2016, be aged above 50 for regular employees

-From 2017 onwards, be aged 55 and above for regular employees

-Earning up to $4,000 a month



Assessment Period  

Delete / Edit S/N Employee Name Month and Year of Birth (MMYYYY) Cohort Category (Compulsory) Wage Estimated SEC for Jul 2017 - Dec 2017
Jul 17 Aug 17 Sep 17 Oct 17 Nov 17 Dec 17


The SEC Calculator allows you to estimate the amount of SEC that you might receive. Please note that the calculator does not verify the accuracy of the data that you have entered, and hence the calculations are meant as estimates only and may not correspond exactly to what your company will receive. CPFB will automatically assess the eligibility of your employee(s) based on your CPF contributions, and payment of the SEC will be made without the need for further actions by your company. 


N.E. = Not eligible

​Please refer to CPF Board's website for a more detailed description of total wages.

Please refer to the CPF contribution calculator ​for more information on how to compute the employer CPF contributions for your employee.

We do not retain any of the data you provide to complete your calculation.​