1. Why is the SEC only for employees aged 55 and above? Can it be extended to younger workers?

    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In general, employment rates of older workers have increased over the years. T​he current and extended SEC is tiered by employees' age to provide ​stronger support for employers hiring Singaporeans in the older age bands, where employment rates are lower.​​​

  2. I am self-employed and have made contributions to my Medisave account. Am I eligible for the SEC?

    ​​​​No. The SEC is only paid to employers who have made qualifying CPF contributions for their eligible employees. Hence, self-employed persons are not eligible for the SEC. However, if you employ eligible Singaporean employees, you may receive the SEC based on the mandatory CPF contributions that you have made for them.​​​

  3. What is the rationale for extending SEC to employers who hire persons with disabilities (PWDs), especially those aged below 55?

    ​​​​​The SEC covers persons with disabilities (PWDs), including those aged below 55. This is intended to encourage employers to provide gainful employment for PWDs, so that more PWDs can enter the workforce and be active and independent. ​​​

  4. Where can I find more information to hire persons with disabilities?

    ​​​​​​​​There are many schemes to assist you in hiring persons with disabilities such as the Open Door Programme (ODP). Please contact SG Enable at 1800-8585-885 or email contactus@sgenable.sg. You can also visit SG Enable website for more information.​​

  5. I am eligible for wage offsets for my employees with disabilities under Jobs Growth Incentive (JGI). Will I continue to receive wage offsets under the SEC/ASEC?

    ​​Yes, employers will receive the SEC, ASEC and JGI based on their eligibility for each scheme. You are not required to apply for either scheme.